Dawn's Partners


Send Out Cards

Stay in front of your clients in a meaningful way. This customer service system is the perfect tool for your business. It makes "Thank you", Promotions, birthdays and anniversaries easier to remember. Just a few clicks you can create a card that is hand delivered to your clients.

Nature's Sunshine

Nature's Sunshine has been a part of my life for over 27 years! The company has been providing high quality herbal supplements for over 45 years. Shop the link to explore and receive 25% off your first order. If you'd like a complementary consultation , click Services and schedule your time today. 

Desiree Mangadog

Desiree is an intuitive Chinese's Medicine healer I have partnered with for Essential Oil classes. She is an author of 5 books pertaining to emotions with essential oils. I respectfully ask that  you  order your oils from me or your personal doterra account first, before attending a class. If you need help selecting oils, don't hesitate to email me. 

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