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Dawn's Partners

I love to share amazing products with my friends and clients. These are a few of my favorites! The companies listed below pay me a percentage of the purchases.


Send Out Cards

Stay in front of your clients in a meaningful way. This customer service system is the perfect tool for your business. It makes "Thank you", Promotions, birthdays and anniversaries easier to remember. Just a few clicks you can create a card that is hand delivered to your clients.

Nature's Sunshine

Nature's Sunshine has been a part of my life for over 27 years! The company has been providing high quality herbal supplements for over 45 years. Shop the link to explore and receive 25% off your first order. If you'd like a complementary consultation , click Services and schedule your time today. 

life extention.png

Life Extension

At Life Extension, you can count on the highest quality products backed by science, formulated using only the finest ingredients. But, we’re more than a supplement maker — we’re your partner on a journey to better health. And that means providing meaningful guidance every step of the way. When you put something in your body, you should have complete confidence you’re getting the nutritional benefits your body deserves. At Life Extension, The Science of a Healthier Life means we deliver exceptional products and real results. That’s our commitment to you.

ITOVI is a great way to keep your body on track. Now, with the DNA testing is the optimal results for your body! 

Desiree Mangadog

Desiree is an intuitive Chinese's Medicine healer I have partnered with for Essential Oil classes. She is an author of 5 books pertaining to emotions with essential oils. I respectfully ask that  you  order your oils from me or your personal doterra account first, before attending a class. If you need help selecting oils, don't hesitate to email me. 

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