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5 Things To Do Before Your Next Massage

5 Things To Do Before Your Massage Session As a massage therapist of over 20 years, I have educated clients on how to experience a massage during the session, however, recently upon receiving my own massage there are a few things I do before my session that sets me up for success in achieving my ultimate result: Relaxation and connecting with my body. First, leave all jewelry at home or in a jewelry bag for after session. Number one reason why, time. Don't waste your massage time taking off all your jewelry. Necklace and Earrings get in the way for complete access to the neck and shoulders. If you want muscles to relax, allow your therapist full access to all of these muscles. Bracelets and watches get in the way of your therapist moving your arm. If you have bracelets or watches on, it blocks a full stroke of your therapist to go from shoulder to your hand. If you are going to a spa without lockers, you'll want the security of knowing all of your jewelry is safe. Second, you'll want to hydrate, drink water. If you book your appointment a few days/weeks in advance, you'll have the luxury of planning to hydrate. On a wellness note, you probably could drink half your body weight in ounces, daily. ( example: if you weight 160 lbs. half would be 80 ounces of water.) Hydration allows the muscles to relax and flow with the pressure of each stroke to increase circulation. More hydration will also help if you have deep tissue or stretching to combat soreness after your massage. Third, arrive early. I know this may seem like a waste of time, however even fifteen minutes early can set your massage up for success. This extra time allows you to fill out any paperwork for the spa or therapist request of you, take a few breathes, use the restroom or maybe have some water before your session. It also allows you to shake off anything you may be thinking about, that way when you get to your massage, you can be in your body. Also, a little tip, if you are early and the therapist is running late, it's up to them to give you the full amount of time session! Fourth, set intention for your massage. Decide what type of massage you would like to receive and be sure to convey this to your therapist. Especially if you want a specific area to be worked on. Fifth, Do make sure all wounds are healed and closed ( no possibility of bleeding through wound). If you are recovering from an injury that you have doctors clearance for massage, you will want to inform your massage therapist. List all allergies on intake form or tell your massage therapist, ( ie: I am allergic to lavender). Bonus TIP: Make sure your phone is on silent or turned off before you walk into your session. Better yet. Leave it in your car! I pursued a career in massage therapy for a few reasons, probably my next blog but here we go. The main reason was for preventive care. I knew 20 plus years ago that our bodies are not handling stress well. Nor, did we know how to. Generations before us didn't have the internet and the good and the bad have created stress like never before. When we disconnect, unplug our brains and just be present with our bodies we can feel a euphoric sense of peace.

Have you scheduled your massage today?

Dawn M. Thomas LMT

Speaker, Author, Lover of all animals and a tasty cup of coffee


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